Spring Fever – Back in 15 Minutes

by Cindy on March 22, 2010

Those that know me well can tell you that I am a warm weather person so you can imagine what spring is like here in my house.

The first signs of the season change is an explosion of activity – cleaning, checking and preparing the garden, planning the new flower and vegetable beds, scheduling the spring and summer get-togethers.

Having a home office makes this time even harder to focus.  When I worked in the corporate world there was the requirement to be there, work and produce to ensure I received the money to do all the seasonal activities I was planning.  But from my home office, I am able to stare out the window (didn’t have one in my cubicle), daydream and lose focus.

So I now have added a new task to my daily planner – 15 minutes of daydream time (similar to a break from my cubicle) during my day!  During this time I look out that window, walk around my garden taking notes on placement of plants and tasks, walk with my dogs and just recharge.  If you happen to call, email, tweet, update your status or otherwise try to reach me – I will get back to you in 15 minutes!

Spring the season of new beginnings and emergence of life – my favorite time of the year, what do you do to recharge?

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