Spring Forward – Not Just Clocks Need Updating

by Cindy on March 24, 2010

What spring cleaning do you do for your business? Does it include document management, equipment cleaning and tune-ups, processes and procedures, along with the dusting, painting and other eye candy?

  • Document management; fancy words for getting your files in order both paper and electronic
    • Paper Files:
      • Schedule time to review all your files and purge them of items no longer needed. If you have large stores of files complete this in small daily increments.
      • Review training materials and schedule to update outdated materials.
      • After completing your taxes is a perfect time to batch up and store those items from last year.
    • Electronic Files:
      • Review and purge your files, folders and bookmarks
      • Check document templates for required updates
      • Clean out your email – save those important messages and delete the rest
      • Update your WordPress versions and plugins
      • Run back ups of the remaining electronic files
    • Processes & Procedures:
      • Review training materials and schedule to update anything which is outdated
      • Social Media review – ensure all accounts have correct profile and link information
      • Test drive your website for links, info updates, note changes to make
      • Handbooks, presentations, charts, graphs include in to-do lists to gather new data and update for future use
      • Plans; business, marketing – review for changes and updates
  • Equipment Cleaning:
    • Physically clean your equipment including your monitors and keyboards. A great post of keyboard tips are listed by Emily Hsieh, of Shine staff; “How to Clean Your Keyboard”
    • Run your utilities and tune-up programs – set your schedule to run regularly while you are there

Well, with all this cleaning to do I better get at it! Are there any other Spring Cleaning chores you perform for your business?

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