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by Cindy on May 11, 2010

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There are automation tools out there that will enable you to make the review and removal of those Twitter accounts you follow, but is it best for your business?

I don’t think so.  Taking maybe half an hour to review those you are following and determine how to pare/clean your list takes a human eye and thought.  Sure you may include some criteria such as no posts in last 30 days or something similar but a robot can’t determine if there are other circumstances that may make that an unwise move.

For example; I currently have about 10 people I follow that haven’t tweeted during an extended period but I know there are extenuating circumstances such as the eastern and southern flooding which has taken their focus at this time.  I also know that I want to know when they are back into the swing of things so I can resume contact with them.

Also, I am not aware of any of these robotic methods which will put them into one of your Twitter lists.  I use the list feature extensively to categorize my followings and yes I have a list of “not current” also.  So everyone I have unfollowed has been put in my “not current” list so if they resume their tweets I can see that I previously had interest and wanted to connect with them.

As with any sales/prospecting plan you must do the background work and maintaining and monitoring who you follow is part of using Twitter as part of your marketing plan.

How do you maintain your account?  Do you use the list feature to assist, how?  Would love to get your insights and share with our followers.

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