To Hunt or Not

by Cindy on April 7, 2010

I spend many hours online, reading, researching and connecting with others for both clients an my business.  During these times I find with regularity links that don’t work or take me to a web page that does not contain the promised information.

So this then brings me to the question “Do I hunt for it or do I just forget it?”  Well, being a busy individual as I am sure you are also, more times than not I choose to forget it.

I have answered this question for myself and potentially you – but what about customers and clients?  I would venture to guess and assume that they will choose to forget it also!

Make sure your connections, clients and customers will see what you are trying to give or show them.

  • Create your status updates with shortened urls – check them before sending/submitting.
  • Check all links on your website(s) and in your blog posts.
  • Check any links you include in email marketing campaigns and direct email messages.

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