Facebook Friends vs. Fans

by Cindy on March 2, 2010

I have been asked this question several times by clients so here we will give a brief explanation of the difference between friends and fans on Facebook.

On Facebook Personal Profiles those you connect with are friends.  In the profile options you can either accept or decline a friend request received.  This gives you the ability to control who are your friends thus controlling who can see your information and and updates depending on your privacy settings.

On the other hand Facebook Business Pages and Fan Pages (which are not the same and will be covered in another post) connect with fans.  These are individuals who have visited your business Facebook presence and have elected to become a fan of your page.  The Business Page or Fan Page administrator cannot decline a fan nor can they see information or status which the individual has elected to be seen only by friends in their privacy settings.

For your business have more fans is a good thing.  You want to have your brand message spread across as large a network as possible with a larger number of fans this is possible.

Hope that helps, I will be making a series of posts regarding Facebook questions we have received to help you with your Social Media marketing efforts.

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