Control Key Shortcuts

by Cindy on June 13, 2010

Sometimes it is quicker and easier to use shortcut keys instead of adding or using icons on your toolbars.  Below is a short list of some of the more popular shortcuts using the Ctrl key.

Ctrl+A            Selects all
Ctrl+B            Turns bold on and off
Ctrl+C            Copies the selection
Ctrl+D            Fills down
Ctrl+I            Turns italics on and off
Ctrl+N            Creates new workbook
Ctrl+O           Opens workbook
Crtl+P            Print
Crtl+R            Fills right
Ctrl+S            Saves
Ctrl+T           Changes cell reference
Ctrl+U           Turns underline on and off
Ctrl+V           Paste
Crtl+X           Cuts the selection
Ctrl+Z           Undoes last action

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