5 Decisions to Make Before Creating A Website

by Cindy on November 11, 2009

Most small businesses have a website, whether they created it or had it done for them.  Still there are some who don’t or who are considering updating their current site.  These items should be in a checklist to provide you or your programmer direction in the creation of your site.

What is the purpose of your site, what will be the purpose?

Is it informational, sales of product or service, training, blogging, etc. To determine the structure, pages, add-ons/plugins and other programming needs you must have a clear vision of the purpose of your site.  While many additions can be made to your site at a later date, knowing what you want or plan to implement will allow you to choose the best structure or theme initially allowing for those updates later. 

Who is your audience?

Are your prospective visitors gender based, what is their median age group, domestic or international.  Determine your audience specific characteristics/ demographics.  Will you include programming to assist handicapped users?  Creating a checklist to enable you to make decisions regarding colors, styles, and user friendliness.

What colors, looks, feels do you like, will your audience respond to?

There are stacks of books, articles and the like on the choice of colors; how do they affect buying, mood, response and more.  To create your site consider these and what your likes and dislikes are. How will the colors chosen work with your logo?

What is your logo and tagline?

If you don’t have one yet, it will play a critical role in the creation of your website.  Is it horizontal, vertical, what colors, what look / feel such tech, modern, historical, etc – this will impact your site structure/theme, color choices and more.

What are your future plans for your site?

Will you include things such as on-line payments, shopping carts, logins or others.  You may be able to incorporate these now whether implementing them now or later.

Of course, your site should be a “living” thing being updated regularly however, keeping your checklist handy will ensure your site remains true to your business purpose while keeping it focused on your audience as you make those updates. 

Your Virtual Assistant can assist you in creating your checklist, making the site updates and incorporating your future plans and customer needs.

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