Have a Successful Trip With These 7 Travel Tips

by Cindy on August 5, 2009

Courtesy of Marlene Eldemire:

Having spent 20+ years working in and around the travel industry, I suppose you can say I’ve heard all of the travel horror stories.  Some of them I’ve even experienced myself.  You can never get enough travel advice from a seasoned travel pro, and I consider my business travel clients to be the most seasoned travel professionals.  The following is a timely list of 7 Travel Tips I have compiled straight from the folks who are flying our friendly skies and paying for it, on a regular basis.

  1. Loyalty Programs – if you are a frequent traveler you absolutely must enroll in all the loyalty programs you will use.  Frequent traveler points can add up quickly and will help to relieve some of the economic stress travel adds to your bottom line.
  2. More Fees? –most of the domestic airlines are charging for checked bags; $15 for the 1st checked bag and $25 for the 2nd.  If you check at the curb, kiosk or counter – another $5 is added.  Solution, pack light and stuff everything in carry-on baggage which should not exceed the 40 pound and 45 inch tall restrictions.
  3. Snack Attack – you know there aren’t a lot of choices for snacking while trying to keep your waist line in shape at the airports.  To beat the snack attack and keep your energy level up, pack some healthy snacks into your carry-on, briefcase or purse.  Dry cereal, raisins, bite-sized veggies and protein bars are all good choices.  Microwave oatmeal or soup are great for that late night hotel snack.
  4. Don’t Lose My Luggage! – lost luggage is a huge inconvenience to the road-weary traveler.  You may roll your eyes at those cutesy pieces of fabric tied to the handles at the carousel – but for your next trip, don’t leave home without an identifying piece of fabric tied to your luggage handle or mark your bag with neon colored tape.
  5. Where Did I Park?– You’ve had the travel day from you know where, rife with delays and obnoxious taxi drivers, you’ve collected your bags, took the shuttle to the parking lot and can’t remember where you parked.  Next time take a photo of the row marker in the parking lot with your cell phone camera.  It will be one less travel horror story at the coffee machine tomorrow morning.
  6. Not Another Cold – studies show that one in five people catch a cold within a week of flying.  Ugh!  Take along a small travel sized container of hand sanitizer, and even offer it to your row mate who is coughing all over you.
  7. Help is A Phone Call Away– for delayed/cancelled flights, over-booked hotels or car rental companies who don’t have your car – using a qualified travel consultant will provide you with advice and help not available from an on-line booking company.


Marlene Eldemire
Mars Virtual Assistant and Travel, LLC

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Gladys August 6, 2009 at 4:15 pm

Thanks Marlene for these great tips – and Cindy for posting them here. Love the idea of taking a picture of where you parked with you phone!!

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