Do You Have Sales Admin Staff Available?

by Cindy on May 28, 2009

During the last year due to the economy companies have downsized or eliminated the Sales Administrative staff to cut costs.  How has this impacted your sales efforts?

Are you doing more admin work?  Is this cutting into your available time to make sales – to meet your goals?  Of course it is!  How can you help yourself, your company in these times?

Design / Realign Your Terrorities

Using data available identify your terrorities by region, customer size/potential, industry or other category which is specific to your products/services.

Build Your Sales Campaign

Determine priorities for your sales team; existing customers, new customers, repeat customers.  Where are your optimum sales opportunites, rank them clearly for your team.

Provide a clear campaign process for your team.  List the steps and opportunities for each priority and provide appropriate marketing materials to assist their efforts.

Make the process for each category within the campaign as easy as possible – streamline the procedures, remove duplication of information and make sure to include “road easy” submission steps.

Provide Admin Support

Although your company may have trimmed your internal support team consider a Virtual Sales Operations or Support professional to provide support to your sales efforts.   A Virtual Sales Assistant is a  business partner who has a direct interest in your business’ success.

Some of the tasks a Virtual Sales Operations Assistant can take care of:

  • Take and qualify prospect calls
  • Review, respond and assist with email boxes
  • Complete RFQs/RFPs/Bids
  • Prepare presentations
  • Update CRM and contact files
  • Prepare and analyze reports
  • Prepare and send email blasts
  • Prepare and process direct mail campaigns
  • Review and simplfy processes and procedures
  • Review and assist with contract preparation
  • Meeting notes
  • Data entry
  • Spreadsheets

Essential Office Solutions can provide the Sales Operations Support your business needs today!

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