Our Team

Cindy Bruce, President

With over 15 years in the corporate world in the areas of Sales Support, Customer Service, Project Management and Inside Sales I built experience and skills that enabled me to create Essential Office Solutions. I began working with clients in small business and realized that my services were more than the usual administrative tasks. I was a partner in their businesses; talking, creating, giving ideas and feedback and then finding the resources to put those pieces in place.

My talent is to see the whole puzzle and recognize where there are pieces missing, or pieces which have been fitted in the wrong place. I then provide suggestions and solutions to fill those gaps or adjust the pieces where necessary.

Working as your Online Business Manager, I can help you review, revise, add to and adjust your business pieces to grow your business.

Cheriese M, Graphic Designer

Cheriese is a mother of two small boys and resides in a rural Illinois town.  She has completed and has a degree in Graphic Design from a local college.

Ads, logos, and more.  Cheriese has worked in the newspaper industry for over 10 years providing graphic design services and advertisement consultation to clients and customers.  With her extensive knowledge of graphics programs she can work with you to create just the right look and feel to your graphic needs.

Marlene E, Travel & Events

Growing up the daughter of two Army veterans, Marlene Eldemire learned the meaning of a strong work ethic at a very young age. She hails from a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners, so the natural course was to make her mark as a small business owner herself.

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from The Ohio State University, Marlene honed her skills in such industries as Broadcasting, Internet Technology, Human Resources and Travel Management.

Marlene spent 20+ years in the travel industry.  She founded and ran a mid-sized brick and mortar travel agency.  In 1999, when the virtual workplace became an option, Marlene closed the brick and mortar shop, and all of her employees including herself became virtual travel agents working from their own home offices.  Since then, Marlene has maintained her home office, expanded her menu of services, and has been a true advocate of the virtual workplace.

Marlene has served as President and Trustee of a local Chamber of Commerce, and she is a passionate supporter of and advocate for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

She also is a voracious reader of novels and biographies, and is an enthusiastic student of American history.  At any given hour of the day or night, you may find Marlene in a variety of social networking arenas, i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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