6 Updates to Your Sales Technique

by Cindy on May 9, 2009

CB001300Today’s sales enviroment is much different than that of the sterotypical high-pressure sales persons of days gone by.  In order to compete and succeed in today’s marketplace you need to use a more targeted relational approach.

Chasing Leads

All the leads you receive from your website, referrals, shows, networking, etc — how to keep up with them, which are leads that are actually convertible?

Qualified leads are the key — using a system to identify those leads which are interested and able to take advantage of the services you provide.  These are the leads you should have your sales area following up on.

  • What qualification process do you have in place?  Are you making those calls, out-sourcing telemarketing?
  • Your process should include targeted questions which are simply asked and answered and will provide you the information to process using a qualification guideline set.  Having a qualification process in place will provide you with the short list of prospects which will convert into customers at a higher percentage.

Closing Techniques

Sales training will discuss learning specific techniques to close a sale; mostly high pressured again. These techniques are turn-offs to today’s buyers and consumers, instead use a sales conversation.  Talk to your
qualified prospect and expand on the responses of your qualification process. 

  • Find out what the customer needs and suggest a solution.


Successful salespeople know that the secert to sales success is listening.  Ask the questions, and truly listen to your prospect/customers response.  Don’t be preparing your response while your customer is responding —  hear what your customer is saying; they will tell you what they need and how and when they need it. 

  • By listening you can respond with a solution and your customer will be impressed at you and your company’s abilities.


Setting goals is the basis to all sales however if you use that goal as the ulimate prize you will never exceed it.

  • Your mindset determines the height of your sales success — if you think it, you work it, you can attain it.


  The customer you are with at this moment, focus on their needs and discuss with them how you can help them to meet those needs.  Your customer will be open and enter into a relationship with you to reach their goals.

  • Adjust your focus to the immediate.


The solution you provide is what your customer needs. 

  • Meeting your customer’s needs is the ultimate solution and will result in the sales you are seeking.

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